In Between the Petals/SOLD

In Between the Flowers is a diptych inspired by the images that we find among the flowers hidden around us. The canvas, which displays red flowers surround another, more detailed flower in ink on watercolor paper.

The mixed media pieces measure 14″ x 11″ individually and together 14″ x 23″ with an artistic space between.

In Between Petals (left side) Version 2


Girl with Message/SOLD

Girl with Message VCC Lobby

Girl With A Messageā€, Framed Mixed Media Art: acrylic, graphite, paper, oil pastel, gold leaf, was auctioned to the lucky attendees and benefactors at Oceanside Museum Ball. It was also shown at the Vista Chamber of Commerce 2017: Shades of Red.

This artwork reflects the many messages that girls and women wear on their sleeves. Often times their hopes, goals, desires and daily struggles are tattooed on their bodies demanding our attention. Sometimes we are reluctant to read their messages and engage for the fear of self discovery. Red is a powerful color that demands attention and requires strength to hold it. My girl is NOT going away.

My hidden message is: ????????



Jack of Clubs/SOLD

IMG_2463 IMG_2464

Art deck of Cards

This multimedia piece was for a deck of cards that was included in a collaborative art piece between 54 artists throughout the United States. Each artist was assigned a card to create. The overall effect was an intricate art piece where each card was unique. I was selected to do the Jack of Clubs. I used the image of these four men (hand-colored), added the chopsticks and named them “Jack”. Finally, I made the club symbol out of cloth and added it over the top.




Mixed Media on Paper.




SOLD!   Intrigued

by Trish Vernazza