Midnight Bloom/SOLD



Midnight Bloom, Small Acrylic. While working on my commissioned Romantic Painting, I had to mix colors and created this hauntingly beautiful small painting. Feels like Love!


Bluebird Balances his life on his own Asparagus/ SOLD

Bluebird Bluebird may you Balance your life on your own Asparagus! Combination of a sweet bird, Nature, food and a hint of surrealism. The heart of an sweet onion is braced by the bluebird, holding onto the asparagus, while a moth flints on a plum and a orange bell pepper leans away from a butterfly. Unusual in the Balance of life.

16″wx11″h watercolor paper.



Girl with HeroN/SOLD

A Girl and her Hero(N). My fascination with birds, nature, fashion and women who love nature was captured in my watercolor. I recently read “Where the Crawdad’s Sing” and am inspired by nature as Kaya did. Birds represent Hero’s to me. I love the solitude of early mornings and birds chirping as the world wakes up as I wear my own beret with my rainbow dress and my tattoo heart on my sleeve. My beret that I embroidered was feature in Altered Couture Magazine.

18″wx15″h watercolor paper.



Social Distancing//SOLD

Social Isolation on Easel

Practicing social distancing, being in stay at home for a month, my oil Painting reflects my response to Covid-19, Corona Virus, World Pandemic, health emergency. Our or Your House, is floating on a life raft, isolated from the world trying to shine a spark and flicker light back to others who are also experiencing the same isolation.

Never give up hope. Always believe in humanity. Practice kindness. Instill Hope and have Faith. Be your own life raft. Reach out to others. Don’t judge. Light up your life and shine on others!

Buying this item does not relinquish the rights to the artist to reproduce prints of this artwork. please contact me for reduced or increased shipping charges. Ships only into the United States: No Hawaii or Puerto Rico No International, unless personal arrangements are made. If you buy local, California, Free Shipping. Converse with me.



Mary, Mary//SOLD


I started this painting a while back, unable to finish until the current world situation struck. This was an original fashion photo advertisement for Armani clothing, in which I saw something totally different. Working in the mental health field and studying huan behavior, I was fascinated by this image.


After reading Margaret Atwood’s Handmaid’s Tale, The Testaments, and Alias Grace and our current Covid-19 pandemic, I realized my dark fascination with the subject and finished my painting.

IMG_2028 2

Oil Painting on Cradled Canvas 48″H x 24″ W

Available for sale on Etsy.

Tales of the Bluebird//SOLD


Whimsical and folksy piece to give any kitchen or playroom a fanciful feel.

22″x30″ Watercolor; Ink and watercolor on cold press watercolor paper.


Flowers of Arrhythmia//SOLD

Flowers of Arrhythmia

Height: 24 Inches; Width: 18 Inches

“Flowers of Arrhythmia” Chalk Pastel on toned paper by Trish Vernazza.

thoughts behind this piece: my husband, blues musician Johnny V Vernazza, had his own irregular heartbeat, pulling on his heart strings . His heart felt like it was skipping beats and dancing to a different tune. He need an ablation to correct this, thus his new heart was sprouting blooms, making new heart songs.


Whisper of Peonies II/SOLD

Whisper of Peonies II oil on canvas. The soft loose style, the gentle peonies inspire and soothe reminiscent of tradition. Peonies represent happy marriages, romance, good fortune, honor and compassion. They are a flower rooted in myth and wonder.

These peonies would bring a sense of wonder to any home, decorating any smaller space or corner beautifully.

5″x7″ Oil on Canvas, unframed. SOLD!

IMG_4189          IMG_4188

The Feathered King

Portrait of the Feathered King. Prone to putting his head in the sand, this royal bird is king out dodging his issues.

Previously shown in the 2018 Mirrors of the Mind show in Santa Monica, CA.

Diptych. Oil on canvas. 25″ x 30″ x 1 1/2″ cradled canvas. Unframed. SOLD. Available in pillow form.

trish and johnny royal couple

Twitter Reflections/SOLD


In response to Donald Trump’s tweeting. 36″x24″ Oil on cradled canvas.