Ranunculus for Laura//SOLD

A bouquet of ranunculus done in alcohol markers, glitter spray, acrylic paint, and graphite on watercolor paper. Ranunculus symbolize radiant charm and beauty in the language of flowers. The rich colors of the flowers and the added accent of the glitter spray really make these pop.

Night Blooms//SOLD

Night Blooms

Inspired by the midnight hour and the ethereal and lingering feelings from the day when some flowers go to sleep and others come alive. This was painted in the early evening, just as the moon came out, illuminating the world in a ghostly light.

IMG_3912   IMG_2759

I like your paining, because I can see the Artist hand has made the brushstrokes. I have seen Rubins and Rembrandts you don’t notice the brushstrokes but you do feel the passion of them. like music it comes from the hands. That’s why van Gogh has always been one of my favorites. The brushstrokes is the artist signature.

-Mike Henderson


Available for sale.

Blood Oranges//SOLD



Inspired by the energy and the passion of summer’s heat and the emotions that rise from this heat.  But remember, the fruits of our passion sometimes leads to mystery.



IMG_2738                          IMG_2739


Acrylic and mixed media on cradled canvas 30″w x 24h”



Available for sale.