Blue Ocean Swirls- Featured in Apron.ology 2014, San Diego Fair 2013 2nd Place

I was interviewed for a story in Apron.ology by a contributing editor;  Danielle Mohler.  I noted that one of my favorite female artist was Lenore Fini, a surrealist artist, who painted in her glamorous clothing. Seeing those images of her gave me permission to dress myself in high fashion.   Growing up in Florida, always on the beach, I was attracted to this satin fabric that reminded me of the swirling ocean where I would sail and swim.


Ms. Dior’s Retro House Apron -featured in Apron.ology 2014, 3rd Place sewing San Diego Fair 2014



I created this  reversible house dress in memories of my grandmothers who taught me how to sew.  They often donned these beautiful house dresses to cover their day dresses, just in case company would  just stop by to visit,  they would appear graciously beautiful and coiffed.  I used an old vintage retro pattern combine the pink embellished material with a black/pink material, making it reversible in case you spilled something on the front.  Fabric and lace was found in vintage material warehouse in San Fransico in the bedding department.  Of course, I had other ideas!

Ms. Dior’s Retro House Apron was featured in Apron.ology 2014, 3rd Place sewing San Diego Fair!

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Polka Dots and Teal- Cover of Apron.ology 2013, 3rd Place Sewing San Diego Fair 2012

Cover Girl of Apron.ology 2013!!!!!

What a surprise to find out that I am not only the COVER GIRL of Apron.ology 2013, I was featured in the magazine and my political aprons were also featured on the cover story line:  Party Politics:  A Bipartisan collection.  I was so overwhelmed with Joy.  I had sent these aprons minutes before the deadline.  My loving father had fallen sick and I was on my way to Florida to tend to his health.  I was noted that something special was happening by the magazines but I was so distressed I did not pay attention.  I got to give my dad a copy before his passing and he was proud.  Though I got my sewing skills and displince from my mother, my creative artistic talent was a loving skill he encouraged and passed on to me.

Created with tulle,, embellished stitches and loving hands!  SOLD!!! (I own this….available for photo shoots/images, etc.)


Southern Bell -Featured in Apronology Magazine 2014, 2nd place San Diego Fair 2014

My inspiration came from the Antebellum period when women wore hop skirs, corsets, pantalets, gloves and wide-brimmed hats.  Growing up reading and watching the Movie:  Gone with the Wind, I was inspired by Scarlett O’Hara’s use of her curtains to make her dress to meet Rhett Butler.  I thought, she should have had a fancy apron, in case he came by while she was in the kitchen!   3 tier flirty 1/2 apron with biased tape with unusual stitching made this apron a delightful fancy.

Featured in Apronology Magazine 2014, 2nd place San Diego Fair 2014   Sold!!!

Sweet Daisy Dots- Featured in Apron.ology 2014, 2nd Place Sewing San Diego Fair 2013, Tri City Fashion Show 2014

Sweet Daisy Article

This vintage styled apron  was inspired by my youthful memories of “The Big Circus”.   The various big drink and lemondae stands, flair of the circus costumes  gave me inspiration to  embraces a frilly, feminine, chic spirit.

Featured in Apron.ology 2014, 2Place Sewing San Diego Fair 2013, Tri City Fashion Show 2014, Featured in Advertising of Apron.ology in Stampington Magazines.       Available on Etsy!!!

Fiori Della Famiglia: Flowers of the Family-Featured Somerset Home 2015

Seer suckered Polk dot red material combined with a soft blue red flower waist.   Each layer Bias taped is stitched with a unique pattern.  Red rick rack added for that farm country look.


Fiori Della Famiglia: Flowers of the Family-Featured Somerset Home 2015   Sold!!!

Butterflies Flint Around Your Neck

Full Apron with sassy swing 3 tier skirt, embroidered  butterflies for neck tie, pockets for your tea bags, pencils, pens, brushes or whatever else you want to carry as you serve to a gracious luncheon or high society event.



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