Thankful was made in response to the current Girls mentor program. Due to Covid-19, the usual fundraising events have been cancelled. Donations that would have normally gone to help programs like the mentorship program have been lacking.

“Thankful” Acrylic on Gessoed Heavy Arches paper 15”Wx22”H. 50 percent of sale goes to North County African American Women’s Association. Free Shipping. Minimum bid/cost $50.00.

Also available for sale on Etsy.

A Dramatic Romance/SOLD

My inspiration came from wanting to create a romantic painting since I knew that you were interested in purchasing one. The dripping flower blooms reminded me of a fantasy waterfall coupled with the woman looking toward the horizon creates a romantic vision and hope for the future.

Dragonfly Loose flowers Blue Butterfly and Flowers Blue Blooms


Morning Ritual

Brushstrokes of Flowers

“My Morning Ritual ” original oil. Every morning I sit on my art chair in my personal garden, observing nature. Often times I do this in the early evening. It is my meditation ritual. Thus my painting has beautiful hues of blue with a hint of light focused on another imaginary view.

Morning Chair Closeup
Impasto style of painting with quick brush strokes as I make my flowers larger than our lives.

Available for sale on Etsy.

Midnight Bloom/SOLD



Midnight Bloom, Small Acrylic. While working on my commissioned Romantic Painting, I had to mix colors and created this hauntingly beautiful small painting. Feels like Love!


Flight of the Orchids

Flight of the Orchid. oil on canvas. The soft loose style is inspired by a master painter. They are a flower rooted in fragility and strength.

These orchids would bring a sense of wonder, to any home, decorating any smaller space or corner beautifully. Spiritually and etheral styled painting

8”x8” Oil on Canvas, unframed
Wooden cradled.


Available for sale on Etsy.

Bluebird Balances his life on his own Asparagus/ SOLD

Bluebird Bluebird may you Balance your life on your own Asparagus! Combination of a sweet bird, Nature, food and a hint of surrealism. The heart of an sweet onion is braced by the bluebird, holding onto the asparagus, while a moth flints on a plum and a orange bell pepper leans away from a butterfly. Unusual in the Balance of life.

16″wx11″h watercolor paper.



Black Beauty

Beauty, image of a African Fashion Model who is also starving to be thin, accepted, overlooks the young man, yet they are both the same. Children struggling for a brighter and stable future.

Available for sale as a part of a diptych with Congo boy on Etsy.

The Question of Beauty

Question of Beauty is my complete Painting embracing my original Congo Boy, Oil on Canvas. 50% of sale goes to, North County African American Women’s Association, in which I have been a long time member. We raise funds for girls and women of color to continue any type of education, skill building and provide a mentoring program to those under served.

It took me 3 years to complete this painting and the rise of Black Live Matters, Covid-19 and our current politics, I dedicated everyday for the last few months to complete my painting.

My community involvement with raising funds for women and children of color in need stays in the forefront of my thoughts. I saw the image of a starving Congo Boy, photo by Annie Liebovitz in National Geographic. I was in awe of the story line of despite the struggles and famine in this country the people’s and their children will to live and look towards the future was definitive light in their souls. The image caused me to paint feverishly to capture they brightness of this young man despite his starving appearance and circumstances. Beauty, image of a African Fashion Model who is also starving to be thin, accepted, overlooks the young man, yet they are both the same. Children struggling for a brighter and stable future.

Congo Boy has been featured at Red Exhibition at Oceanside Theater 2018 for Rothko’s Red Play, Artist Alliance Membership show, Vista Chamber of Commerce, Shades of Red, 2017, Mira Costa College Magazine: Tide Pools, 2017. Congo Boy is part of a two part series in which a discount of $500.00 is available for purchase of both: Question of Beauty. Shipping will be discussed and paid separately, unless local or other arrangements are made.

Unframed Heavy Duty Canvas (2) 36×48, dyptch.


Available for sale on Etsy.

Your Tree of Life/SOLD

Your Tree of Life will balance your daily view. A simple frame will enhance your house, home, business or kitchen. Own an original watercolor!!

15″wx11″h watercolor paper.



Girl with HeroN/SOLD

A Girl and her Hero(N). My fascination with birds, nature, fashion and women who love nature was captured in my watercolor. I recently read “Where the Crawdad’s Sing” and am inspired by nature as Kaya did. Birds represent Hero’s to me. I love the solitude of early mornings and birds chirping as the world wakes up as I wear my own beret with my rainbow dress and my tattoo heart on my sleeve. My beret that I embroidered was feature in Altered Couture Magazine.

18″wx15″h watercolor paper.