The Model as a Muse

Trish MC 3 paintings oil desktop

Inspired by style of Great Artist Matisse. Self portrait using the concept of Matisse’s wife. It has been long noted that when you have an artwork of Matisse, or resemblance, thereof in your collection, home, office, studio, you are channeling a happy, uplifting and content feeling. I have always been drawn to color and the dance of the psyche. Especially Matisse and Chagall. I received a wonderful compliment to my style that when you paint like Matisse and Chagall, you paint vibrant and happy things.

Unframed Canvas 36x 24. If you are a local buyer, please contact me to decrease shipping/delivery cost. Available for note cards, sold separately. Buying this item does not relinquish the rights to the artist to reproduce prints of this artwork.


Available for sale on Etsy.

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