The Plate of Temptation

The Plate of Temptation was created from a feminine and feminist perspective as it engages and provokes you to ask challenging question of female’s intentions. No matter which way you turn this painting, your curiosity evokes and emotional response.

All 3 women (including the Black/White self-portrait) are able to use their inner voices, mind, talent, skills, sensuality, sexuality and bodies to state an opinion.

All the females in this painting can related to each other through the ways they display their silent power of persuasion to advance to the task of the goal. They are able to use their inner voices, mind, talent, social skills, sensuality, sexuality, and femininity with with that has a purpose.

The Indian Princess (The Seductress) during the Ottoman era was clever to use her position and seduction to save her own slave women who used their sexuality.

The woman depicted on the Florentine Plate is Catherine Parr, the 6th wife of Henry VIII (who had silent power) and survived him as she got him to change the heir of the ruling royalty to young Queen Elizabeth, her stepdaughter, and brought forth the Protestant religion to court.

My B/W self-portrait of me is the modern woman in the process of rotating through history, addressing issues through art and activism. A sunflower head is placed in the vagina area (birth canal) as I hold a lipstick in one hand (sensuality) a knife in the other (ability to self-protect). I have a willingness to own what is cost us and other women to express our thoughts.

As eloquently stated by Kathy: “The Seductress in the dominant position…center the calm silent power of Catherine Parr (looking upward) while catching the modern woman in the process of rotating through history…addressing issues through art and activism. Or hang it in a diamond shape.”

2nd Place – MiraCosta College, Kruglak Gallery, May 2018.

Unframed 36″ x 36″ x 2″ Oil on Canvas. Contact me for shipping costs/display.

Available for sale on Etsy.