Trump Towers

Displayed at the “Nasty Women” Exhibition, Helmuth Project Art Gallery, San Diego, January 2017

Trump Towers, Oil on Canvas. Note the Pink Pussy Bow Blouse that Melania Trump wore at one of the debates with the Trump Ladies all in Pussy Bows! At the Bottom is Margaret Thatcher, 1st Female British Prime Minister who embodied the Pussy Bow. It became a softening iconic image of strong, educated, political, business women when wearing their business suites to include                                                                                                                       their own style of femininity.

Trish Vernazza was born and raised in Tampa, Florida, the Sunshine State, which made her an original “Tampon”. As a young Feminist teen she stood on street corners holding ERA, Equal Rights Amendment signs with her Grey Panther Grandmothers.   It was passed in 1972 but not ratified in Florida until 1982.  This spurred her journey of social and political art activist. Her grandmothers taught her to sew and create while she listened to wise elders stories. After traveling the World, Pan American Flight attendant, soaking up culture with life changing experiences, she now listens for a living helping others as a Psychotherapist, Artist Therapist, Artist.

I have always addressed politics with satire and humor.  I was raised in a house divided.  My mother was a staunch republican and my father liberal democrat.  Mom would make jello and cookies around election times using donkey and elephant molds.  We would laugh which parts got eaten first!

Trump Towers came out of Trump’s statement:  Grab them by the Pussy!  It was a gut response. I placed Donald in Melania’s pink pussy bow blouse, that she wore to the debates.  I painted “Ms America styled Models” walking in lines, maybe from Trump Towers with Pussy Bow blouses.  Margret Thatcher, is the last female image painted, who put Pussy Bow Blouses in the Fashion world, as she used them to softened her image, being known as the Iron Fist Lady.  Then, I painted the words: Here Kitty Kitty…..Grab them by the pussy.

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