Polka Dots and Teal- Cover of Apron.ology 2013, 3rd Place Sewing San Diego Fair 2012

Cover Girl of Apron.ology 2013!!!!!

What a surprise to find out that I am not only the COVER GIRL of Apron.ology 2013, I was featured in the magazine and my political aprons were also featured on the cover story line:  Party Politics:  A Bipartisan collection.  I was so overwhelmed with Joy.  I had sent these aprons minutes before the deadline.  My loving father had fallen sick and I was on my way to Florida to tend to his health.  I was noted that something special was happening by the magazines but I was so distressed I did not pay attention.  I got to give my dad a copy before his passing and he was proud.  Though I got my sewing skills and displince from my mother, my creative artistic talent was a loving skill he encouraged and passed on to me.

Created with tulle,, embellished stitches and loving hands!  SOLD!!! (I own this….available for photo shoots/images, etc.)