DRAGONFLY GALA DRESS-Featured in Belle Amoire 2012, Won Donated Award American Sewing Guild-San Diego Fair,& Featured in Tri City Fashion show 2014.

  My model !

My Red Dragonfly Gala Dresspublished in, Belle Amoire, Summer 2012, Page 46.   I had the pleasure of having my niece Peyton Carroll model the dress and it was a feature at the Tri City Fashion Show, 2013, Modeled by Sara.    It has graced many events and won the Donated award 2013 from American Sewing Guild!  Hand embellished and embroidered.  It not only won 1st place at the San Diego fair, but also won the prestigious  Donated Award, gifting me a membership for a year to the American Sewing Guild, which ehanced and changed my life.  Before this award, I did not think I could sew, due to poor sewing skills confidence.   Also included in the photo is my green Envy Dress and Asian Flower sun Dress.

Oh Really, Art Pillows and Art Dolls

Brown Girl Pillow: SOLD!!


Oh Really, Pillows and Art Dolls by Trish Vernazza! Featured this Summer, June 2016 Sew & Sommerset Magazine by Stampinton Press Magazines!! Available for Sale on my Etsy site. Free Motion stitching with watercolors & acrylics. Signed Magazine also for sale!

I created my art pillows by dropping the dog feet on my sewing machine.  Initially, I did not understand what a “dog feet” attachment was, as I was actually look for a sewing foot/attachment in the shape of a dog.   These pillows are perfect to decorate your home, your pet area, wedding pillow gifts for the bride and groom, father’s day and mother days celebrations along with just owning an artist doll.

“Oh Really!”, was my first doll, showing my expression in trying to learn techniques while laughing at myself. I loved emphasizing the eyes.

This was followed by my “Emerge”pillow.  Self expression of a woman emerging from their own psyche while exploring the expectations from life and others.  She begins to see and understand her own substance as she emerges beside two walls of flowers.

“Knowledge and Life Lessons”, are  representational of a couple in a relationship. I of course, used the image of myself and rocker, guitarist husband, Johnny V, for image references.  I felt we were both gaining and sharing knowledge and life lessons.  This is a great pillow for a wedding gift, bride and groom or those renewing their vows! Note the Hot Lips and the bird of knowledge sitting on the woman’s head.

“Brown Girl Contemplating”, is a result of my dear friendships, interactions and  long time membership with NCAAWA.org (North County African American Women’s Association.  I have a dear friend who during meetings and decision making I can see the contemplation on her face and just smile.  I remember thinking about her own diligence to accomplish tasks, so when I was getting frustrated trying to get a handle on my sewing machine, I just smiled.  Thus I created, “Brown Girl Contemplating”.

“Kitty Boy”, is the perfect pillow for A man and his cat.  I made this after watching the love and interaction of my husband and our Cat, FrankieBJ.

Love Me, is a perfect pet pillow you can hang over your animals bed or give to that special someone.

All art pillows and art dolls are hand made, hand sewn, original ideas  on duck cotton cloth, with fancy couture fabric , thread and stitches.  Created by me, the Artist:  Trish Vernazza.

I’m the Cover Girl of Apron.ology!!

ImageI’m featured on the cover of Apron.ology February issue!

With the “Polka Dots & Teal” on the cover and my “Politics in the kitchen” on the inside!

You can buy the magazine from my Etsy account or my website for $16 signed and with a free bookmark as a small token of appreciation!


My Couture Artistic Apron can be bought at my store on Etsy or my website for $145. With only one for sale it’s going to the first buyer! I hope whoever will purchase it will use it well and have as much fun with it as I did making it!

In the article my apron “The Republican” is being featured on the inside in the article “Politics in the Kitchen” it’s also mentioned on the front cover as well! Being sold for $75.75 with only one!

Modeled by Elena Triela and Peyton Carroll.

Sassy Couture Aprons featured in Apron.ology Magazine 2012

My Sassy Ladies are at it again!  Every Apron that Doris models seems to be featured in Belle Amoire Apron.ology, published by Stampington Press.  You may purchase a signed copy from my Etsy site!Check out my Democrat and Republican Aprons…..I am sure you will smile!

Published in Belle Amoire Jewelry Magazine

  I am published in this months Belle Amoire Jewelry magazine 3 Times, separate articles for my metal smithing jewelry!  Rustic Forest Necklaces,page 48-51, The World, page 86 -87 and Forest Tears Earrings page 113.

I am truly  proud and happy to be in this magazine, 3 times.  I had recently taken some metals classes to brush up on my skills, fearing I had gotten sketchy on my designs and my true “nature” came through!  Please go buy the magazine at your local bookstore, or contact me for a signed copy one!!!  You will love reading my journey and inspiration…saving that surprise for the magazine    My day position in life is as an art therapist, psychotherapist in which I see alot of different people’s worlds and watch them journey through their own forest!! Thus:  I noted forest tears.  It is interesting to me that Art Imitates life and Life imitates Art.  My life and others are constantly intertwined….  some of these items will be for sale on my etsy site,,,,others are just to dear to depart with….but I will make more, special orders………

Aprons, Movie: The Help & Friendships that cross all Boundries

My beautiful Red Domestic Godess Apron which was featured in Apron.ology magazine, Volume 3, p.76-78 , curated by Beth Livesay, was recently purchased by the Honorable Charmiane Claxton, U.S. Magistrate, Memphis Tennessee to wear to the movie premiere event  “THE HELP”.  What a SURPRISE and an HONOR!  I was already excited about being featured in the Apron.ology magazine   for my Red Domestic Goddess Apron and Cocktails, Cookies & Couture , Black and White apron…..  (which was featured on the website advertising the magazine), I decided to put it on my own website and etsy account.     Never, Never, Never, thinking I would sell my Red Apron, I woke up one morning to an email”  Congrats your Red Domestic Goddess Apron has sold!”  I barely have my coffee kicking into my system and I start screaming, “Who in the World…..(literally the World) would be brave enough to purchase this apron and would they wear it?    I googgled  the buyer’s name and came up with a profile of a prominent African American Female U.S. Magistrate, JUDGE!!!!  CHARMIANE CLAXTON!!!     I am now jumping up and down at my computer, screaming, oh my, oh my, oh my………      I get the nerve to inquire and she says yes, her in professional life she is a Judge who was entering an Apron contest for the premier of the movie, “The Help”.   I was at lost for words…..(which is rare for me..)   Char then went to my Jewelry Etsy site and bought jewelry to compliment her outfit, in which, we decided we were both bonkers as I decided to make a whole new set to go with the Apron.    At this point, Char and I were talking via voice mail, email and exploring each others life.  We discussed family, growing up in the South, ethnicity, race, skin color,  civil rights movement, maids, being female, personal power , discrimination, privilege, activisim, talking, talking, talking.   We bonded as sisters.    All over a handmade APRON!  I was excited and nervous to send Char all her items, especially when I realized it was being shipped to the Judge’s Chambers.   I giggled and squeeled when I got a phone call how much she loved it and was so appreciative.   I knew she had tried it on immediately and wondered if she was wearing it under her Judge Robes.    Later, I got the photos of her wearing it to the contest.  Two of the actors who had played maids in the Movie:  The Help, were part of the event, ( you can see one of the ladies sitting in the chair).   My heart and my mind almost exploded with pride and happiness and making a new friend!  We now communicate email, facebook and I know my apron is in the best home it could possibly be.   My sister, Kathy Carroll and I went to the premiere of “The Help” in Downtown, Atlanta, Georgia, in which I wore my Black/White Apron( lace and crochet from my husband and my grandmothers left overs)  and used it to wipe up my tears during the movie.  My sister and I loved it and I related to Skeeter and Cecilia.  Always questioning discrimination, being an activist and fundraiser for needy young african american girls/women , (currently a member of www.NCAAWA.org  North County African American Women’s Association) .

A Apron + A Movie = FRIENDSHIP that Crosses all Boundaries!