Lilly, my blue coutured misfit Doll…you got to love her attitude!!

Lilly, My Misfit Doll, was recently created at the Art & Soul Retreat in Portland, Oregon. Instructor Lana Guerra  was a DOLL herself .  Lana was so creative, encouraging and her enthusiasm carried over into the class with all us laughing, giggling and showing off our creations.  Lana taught a young women her first sewing lesson  and I relearned how to finger paint.   This was only my second time in life,  that I have used sculpty clay, (Saturday in Judy Wise class and Sunday in Lana’s) and I was amazed how  it felt so natural.  (could this be a self portrait?)    I of course, had to make my misfit doll into an couture outfit, bling her ears with diamonds and crown her ears with a sparkle.  She holds a blue shinny flower…..  We used FISH eyes, spandex material and scraps.  Then we just started sewing, adding, painting and laughing.   I just loved how Lana was like living art.  Art imitates life or Life imitates Art.  I like life imitating art….the only way to live Like Lana DOES!