Ready to Immigrate

Trish OMA Ready to Immigrate


Ready to Immigrate, Oil & Mixed Media on Canvas with Black Frame

Featured in Oceanside Museum, through Artist Alliance 36×48. March 25,2017-August 4, 2017. Featured at Mirrors of the Mind, Art Share-Los Angeles, November 2017, Psychotherapists as an Artist.

After our Current Political issues about Immigration, my experience as traveling the world as a former flight Attendant for Pan American and having many many cultured and ethnic and people of color friends, I could not resist. I was encouraged by artist Leslie Nemour to pour out my heart!!! World Map adhered on canvas, oil paint. Images from World Traveling and National Geographic. Female African Brides ready to be married, old traveling suitcases, African couple ready to immigrate.

If you are a local buyer, please contact me to decrease shipping/delivery cost. Available for note cards, sold separately. Buying this item does not relinquish the rights to the artist to reproduce prints of this artwork.

Available for sale on Etsy.

Half of sale goes to the North County African American Women’s Association.

Trish Mirror of Minds

NCAAWA 2017 B:W Mira Costa

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