The Waves//SOLD

A breath of fresh air, a refreshing break between one wave and the next.

Falling Blue//SOLD

IMG_8155 A cascade of blue flowers, raining from the heavens. Peaceful, sorrowful, rejuvenating…like the rain and all things blue.



Luscious Roses for Lucinda//SOLD

IMG_8741A delicate crust of emotions and fragility is broken as the blooms blossom through the darkness. As a longtime fans of Lucinda Williams’ (blues singer) music and lyrics, I was emotionally moved to know that she is currently struggling with the aftermaths of a stroke. Her spirit is stronger than her challenges, which I hope to have captured with this painting.

36”x 36” Acrylic on cradled canvas, unframed






Blue. Flowers, woman, feeling.

6”x 6” Oil on heavy gessoed cradled wooden board, unframe.

Available for sale on Etsy.

The Coloring Studio

Spring 2016, Stampington Magazines, Quotes about the benefits of Coloring by Trish Vernazza; LMFT, ATR-BC