The Marriage – Whimsical Art Pillow


My Art Pillow is featured in June Summer 2016 Sew Sommerset of Stampington Press Magazines. “Knowledge Life Lessons” Art Pillow created by Trish Vernazza! It won 2nd Place at San Diego County Fair in Art Pillows

A unique, original, one of a kind free motion stitched and water colored art pillow. Done by Free Motion Stitching using my quirky sense of Humor to capture a Couple’s journey through life.

This is the perfect pillow for your home or a wedding gift for the new bride and groom or 1 couple!

Convo with me if you would like a signed copy of magazine for additional cost of $15.00, include art book mark.

14.5″height x 8.5 wide x 1.5 thick


Available for sale on Etsy.

Emerge – Whimsical Art Pillow

Emerge Back Emerge for website

A woman of substance Emerges from the constrictions of her life as she develops her own insight. This art pillow is a great gift to give to a woman who has the strength to Emerge from life’s obstacles.

This art pillow is featured in June Summer 2016, Stampington & Press, Sommerset Sew Magazine. !!!!!

This comforting art piece is created by artist, Trish Vernazza. Hand drawn my sewing machine , Free motion stitched embroidery and watercolor.

If you would like a copy of the signed magazine with art book mark, with this pillow for an additional $15.00. please convo with me for inclusion in your purchase.

12″ length by 10″ high


Love Me – Whimsical Art Pillow

Back Love Me Sew Sommerset love-me-with-magazine

” Love Me” Art Pillow created by Trish Vernazza. A unique, original, one of a kind free motion stitched and water colored art pillow.

Perfect to give to someone who loves their pet. Hangs 11 inches x6.5 wide.

Featured in Sew Sommerset June Summer 2016 Magazine, Stampington & Company.

Available for sale on Etsy.

Kitty Boy – Whimsical Art Pillow

A Man and his cat! Kitty Boy! Watching my husband, blues rocker guitarist, Johnny V Vernazza, play with our Kitty, FrankieBJ, inspired me to make this pillow. Perfect for Father’s day for your Kitty Loving Dad or his birthday! Unique and One of a Kind!

This art pillow is featured in June Summer 2016, Stampington & Press, Sommerset Sew Magazine. !!!!!

This comforting art piece is created by artist, Trish Vernazza. Hand drawn my sewing machine , Free motion stitched embroidery and watercolor.
kitty-boy-article      Back Kitty Boy
Hangs 16.5 inches x 8 inches wide


Available for sale on Etsy.

Oh Really Doll – Whimsical Art Doll

DollsMuse oh Really Dolls San Diego Fair       Dolls San diego Fair 2017

These “Oh Really Dolls” are whimsical art pillow dolls. The main pillow is 9 1/2″ x 5″ x3″ and was created in 2016.

Featured in Sew Sommerset 2016. 3rd Place in sewing at the San Diego County Fair in 2017.

I love the unusual in art, design, people, and life, so naturally I gravitate toward free-motion stitching. The juxtaposition of painted-fabric faces and storytelling through hand-sewn words combined with free-motion stitching embraces my light and humorous style.

Available for sale on Etsy.

Ready to Immigrate

Trish OMA Ready to Immigrate


Ready to Immigrate, Oil & Mixed Media on Canvas with Black Frame

Featured in Oceanside Museum, through Artist Alliance 36×48. March 25,2017-August 4, 2017. Featured at Mirrors of the Mind, Art Share-Los Angeles, November 2017, Psychotherapists as an Artist.

After our Current Political issues about Immigration, my experience as traveling the world as a former flight Attendant for Pan American and having many many cultured and ethnic and people of color friends, I could not resist. I was encouraged by artist Leslie Nemour to pour out my heart!!! World Map adhered on canvas, oil paint. Images from World Traveling and National Geographic. Female African Brides ready to be married, old traveling suitcases, African couple ready to immigrate.

If you are a local buyer, please contact me to decrease shipping/delivery cost. Available for note cards, sold separately. Buying this item does not relinquish the rights to the artist to reproduce prints of this artwork.

Available for sale on Etsy.

Half of sale goes to the North County African American Women’s Association.

Trish Mirror of Minds

NCAAWA 2017 B:W Mira Costa

5bfde0a5c7e7c26f136e847b_trish vernazza    OMA Ray and Trish

Trump Towers

Displayed at the “Nasty Women” Exhibition, Helmuth Project Art Gallery, San Diego, January 2017

Trump Towers, Oil on Canvas. Note the Pink Pussy Bow Blouse that Melania Trump wore at one of the debates with the Trump Ladies all in Pussy Bows! At the Bottom is Margaret Thatcher, 1st Female British Prime Minister who embodied the Pussy Bow. It became a softening iconic image of strong, educated, political, business women when wearing their business suites to include                                                                                                                       their own style of femininity.

Trish Vernazza was born and raised in Tampa, Florida, the Sunshine State, which made her an original “Tampon”. As a young Feminist teen she stood on street corners holding ERA, Equal Rights Amendment signs with her Grey Panther Grandmothers.   It was passed in 1972 but not ratified in Florida until 1982.  This spurred her journey of social and political art activist. Her grandmothers taught her to sew and create while she listened to wise elders stories. After traveling the World, Pan American Flight attendant, soaking up culture with life changing experiences, she now listens for a living helping others as a Psychotherapist, Artist Therapist, Artist.

I have always addressed politics with satire and humor.  I was raised in a house divided.  My mother was a staunch republican and my father liberal democrat.  Mom would make jello and cookies around election times using donkey and elephant molds.  We would laugh which parts got eaten first!

Trump Towers came out of Trump’s statement:  Grab them by the Pussy!  It was a gut response. I placed Donald in Melania’s pink pussy bow blouse, that she wore to the debates.  I painted “Ms America styled Models” walking in lines, maybe from Trump Towers with Pussy Bow blouses.  Margret Thatcher, is the last female image painted, who put Pussy Bow Blouses in the Fashion world, as she used them to softened her image, being known as the Iron Fist Lady.  Then, I painted the words: Here Kitty Kitty…..Grab them by the pussy.

Available on Etsy




“Muse” Whimsical Art Doll

Muse oh Really Dolls San Diego Fair

A whimsical fabric art doll created in 2017.


Won 1st Place for sewing dolls at the 2017 San Diego Fair. Collected By Philomena O’Keefe in Ireland 2018.

Zandra Rhodes Embroidered Banner SD County Fair


Third Place – Sewing Banner at the San Diego County Fair 2015


Collected in 2017 b Philomena O’Keefe in Ireland.


In 2017 I also met Zandra and was able to show her this piece in person. What a great opportunity!

Sew Sommerset June 2017

Sew Sommerset-1

Featured in Sew Sommerset 2017

Embroidered and artistic pillows have always caught my
attention as luxury items used to decorate the home.
The display of these decorative pillows on window seats,
chairs, and sofas indicate that the owner has a sophisticated
and aesthetic value. This peaks the interest of the visitor and
often becomes the start of an interesting conversation.

Lavish pillows were known to have existed in ancient Egypt
and China because the human head was considered sacred
and needed to be cherished. In medieval Japan, noblewomen
and geishas had “tall pillows” to protect their elaborate
hairstyles. Medieval European (the late Tudor period)
pillows were embroidered by young women who practiced
their needlework skills. Their decorative stitches were part
of their preparation for future roles as mistresses of large
households and as helpers to the noblewoman of the court.
This high praise was seen as an indicator of their piety and

Having decorative pillows during this time was considered
a fashion statement. These fancy pillows were not only used
to rest parts of the body but also to give comfort while
kneeling. Bibles rested on embellished pillows as a symbol
of respect and protection. Gifts to nobility were placed on
pillows as a gesture of purity and often bore unusual items,
such as portraits of the receiver and messages embedded in
the pockets. ➻