Jack of Clubs/SOLD

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Art deck of Cards

This multimedia piece was for a deck of cards that was included in a collaborative art piece between 54 artists throughout the United States. Each artist was assigned a card to create. The overall effect was an intricate art piece where each card was unique. I was selected to do the Jack of Clubs. I used the image of these four men (hand-colored), added the chopsticks and named them “Jack”. Finally, I made the club symbol out of cloth and added it over the top.


Bird Man/SOLD


Bird Man
Oil Pastels on Paper, 32”hx22”w
Shown and sold at Mirrors of the Mind, Art Share LA 2016

Questioning Knowledge

I have the honor and a wonderful opportunity to be published in another book, authored by Richard Bardgill, illustrating chapter 4, parable for Existentialism and Zhuangzi, Daoism.  Published by Rutledge.  The quest for knowledge is a man whose wisdom is bigger than the world and while others come to question their own search he validates their own knowledge.   My Man and his two birds are about self reflection.  Note the man’s eye is shaped like a bird, (my unconscious signature).


Man’s Contemplation was shown at Oceanside Days of Art 2017 and collected by Dr. Dart 2018.

My Artwork Published in “Living the Good Life” by Richard Bardgill

Very Honored and Excited my two artworks are published in the book for Psychology Undergraduates, by Richard Bardgill. My, “Three Faces of Eve” graces the introduction article on Systematic Self Analysis by Karen Horney, and “Christina Choices”, graces the introduction of America’s Promise of the Lesbian and Gay Future, Richard Mohr. Great Analysts of our time, including Richard Bardgill, Thank you!!!!

Living the Good Life: A Psychological History is a collection of writings about the good life from some of the best-known psychologists in the history of the discipline. Through the selected readings, students become familiar with various views on what makes for a positive, fulfilled existence from behavioral, psychodynamic, humanistic, and multicultural perspectives. Originally published August 2015.

I was also published in Humanistic Contributions for Psychology 101: Growth, Choice, and Responsibility November 2015.

Three Faces of Eve

3-faces-of-eve-art 3-faces-book

Christina Choices

christinaschoices christinaschoices-book