“Muse” Whimsical Art Doll

Muse oh Really Dolls San Diego Fair

A whimsical fabric art doll created in 2017.


Won 1st Place for sewing dolls at the 2017 San Diego Fair. Collected By Philomena O’Keefe in Ireland 2018.

A Pillow for My Garden


“A Pillow for My Garden” Art Pillow created by Trish Vernazza!
Couture hanging art pillow inspired by the reign of Queen Elizabeth I. Hand-stitched roses and detailed geometric design invoke the feel of the Renaissance era.

13″height x 8.5″ wide x 3″ thick
Hangs 20″


Available for sale on Etsy.

The Secret of Pillows

IMG_0053         IMG_0050


My Art Pillow is featured in June Summer 2017 Sew Sommerset of Stampington Press Magazines. “The Secret of Pillows” Art Pillow created by Trish Vernazza! Check out the press here.

Inspired by my fascination by the Tudor reign, in which noble women created these pillows for the kings and queens. Often times they contained secret notes. This one includes a secret handmade bookmark hidden next to the dragonfly.

10″height x 10 wide x 1.5 thick
Hangs 14″

Hand-stitched, hand-painted



Zandra Rhodes Embroidered Banner

Portrait of the famous fashion designer, Zandra Rhodes. Free-motion stitching, hand-embroidery, hand-dyed silk to make her iconic pink hair. Created in 2015.

SOLD SOLD SOLD !!!!!  I am  Honored to have my Hand Embroidered Banner of the Artist, Zandra Rhodes sell to another  Artist, collector in Northern Ireland!  Thank you Phiolomena!!

3rd Place at the San Diego County  Fair. For more press visit here.


Oh Really, Art Pillows and Art Dolls

Brown Girl Pillow: SOLD!!


Oh Really, Pillows and Art Dolls by Trish Vernazza! Featured this Summer, June 2016 Sew & Sommerset Magazine by Stampinton Press Magazines!! Available for Sale on my Etsy site. Free Motion stitching with watercolors & acrylics. Signed Magazine also for sale!

I created my art pillows by dropping the dog feet on my sewing machine.  Initially, I did not understand what a “dog feet” attachment was, as I was actually look for a sewing foot/attachment in the shape of a dog.   These pillows are perfect to decorate your home, your pet area, wedding pillow gifts for the bride and groom, father’s day and mother days celebrations along with just owning an artist doll.

“Oh Really!”, was my first doll, showing my expression in trying to learn techniques while laughing at myself. I loved emphasizing the eyes.

This was followed by my “Emerge”pillow.  Self expression of a woman emerging from their own psyche while exploring the expectations from life and others.  She begins to see and understand her own substance as she emerges beside two walls of flowers.

“Knowledge and Life Lessons”, are  representational of a couple in a relationship. I of course, used the image of myself and rocker, guitarist husband, Johnny V, for image references.  I felt we were both gaining and sharing knowledge and life lessons.  This is a great pillow for a wedding gift, bride and groom or those renewing their vows! Note the Hot Lips and the bird of knowledge sitting on the woman’s head.

“Brown Girl Contemplating”, is a result of my dear friendships, interactions and  long time membership with NCAAWA.org (North County African American Women’s Association.  I have a dear friend who during meetings and decision making I can see the contemplation on her face and just smile.  I remember thinking about her own diligence to accomplish tasks, so when I was getting frustrated trying to get a handle on my sewing machine, I just smiled.  Thus I created, “Brown Girl Contemplating”.

“Kitty Boy”, is the perfect pillow for A man and his cat.  I made this after watching the love and interaction of my husband and our Cat, FrankieBJ.

Love Me, is a perfect pet pillow you can hang over your animals bed or give to that special someone.

All art pillows and art dolls are hand made, hand sewn, original ideas  on duck cotton cloth, with fancy couture fabric , thread and stitches.  Created by me, the Artist:  Trish Vernazza.

Lilly, my blue coutured misfit Doll…you got to love her attitude!!

Lilly, My Misfit Doll, was recently created at the Art & Soul Retreat in Portland, Oregon. Instructor Lana Guerra   www.Crudethings.com  was a DOLL herself .  Lana was so creative, encouraging and her enthusiasm carried over into the class with all us laughing, giggling and showing off our creations.  Lana taught a young women her first sewing lesson  and I relearned how to finger paint.   This was only my second time in life,  that I have used sculpty clay, (Saturday in Judy Wise class and Sunday in Lana’s) and I was amazed how  it felt so natural.  (could this be a self portrait?)    I of course, had to make my misfit doll into an couture outfit, bling her ears with diamonds and crown her ears with a sparkle.  She holds a blue shinny flower…..  We used FISH eyes, spandex material and scraps.  Then we just started sewing, adding, painting and laughing.   I just loved how Lana was like living art.  Art imitates life or Life imitates Art.  I like life imitating art….the only way to live Like Lana DOES!