Hot August Flight

A triptych reminiscent of the summer air and the birds soaring on the hot breezes.

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Fires at Midnight

The bright blooms of the poppy flowers stand out against the night. The ever-burning spirit of life continues on in spite of the dark.

24”x 8” Acrylic on cradled canvas, unframed
Currently showing as a part of the Oceanside Cultural Arts Foundation.

Available for sale on Etsy.

Summer Blues

Created during the summer of 2021. Feeling alive yet blue. The heatwaves help the blooms bloom, but only for a little bit.




Femininity, yoga and the comfort of one’s own body. Scarlet.


Hope for Flowers


The hope for flowers lies in the roots, and these ones are in bloom themselves. There is always hope for new growth just under the surface, though you might not always be aware of it.

24”x 24” Acrylic on cradled canvas, unframed


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Who really adopts who? This is the question posed and answered with this diptych. The animals that let us into their lives and the wildness that lives in our hearts are aspects explored in this piece.

12”x 24” Oil on heavy gessoed cradled wooden board, unframed

adopted woman


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The Drifting Willow


The Drifting Willow, Acrylic.  A piece to capture the majesty and emotion inherent in a weeping willow. This tree stands on its own, bathed in the blues, greens, and yellows of the shaded evening of the forest.


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In Between the Waves


In Between the Waves, Acrylic. Morning walks by the ocean were to primary source of inspiration for this piece. The misty marine layer that hangs over the ocean in the mornings gives the seaside a quiet and peaceful atmosphere.

Unframed Heavy Duty Cradled Canvas 30″Hx48″Wx2″d. Acrylic on Cradled Canvas.

Available for sale.

Breath of the Evening Sea


Breath of the the Evening Sea, Acrylic.  This piece was inspired by the tranquility of the ocean at night. There is something awe-inspiring and mysterious about the sea in the evening hours.

Unframed Heavy Duty Cradled Canvas 36″Hx48″Wx2″d.  Acrylic on Cradled Canvas.


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Roots of Knowledge

big roots little rootsEmbrace the seeds of knowledge and let them bloom into trees.

This esoteric and spiritual piece is a larger version of the piece at the Oceanside Museum of Art for the Teeny Tiny Art Mart.








originality of concept award8”x 8” Acrylic on heavy gessoed cradled wooden board, unframed. Exhibited in the Small Works show. Winner of the Originality of Concept Award at the Small Works show.







36″ x 36″ Large version on cradled canvas, unframed

Available for sale on Etsy (small) (large).