Flocking with my Flamingo

Flocking with My Flamingo

Growing up in Florida, playing and chasing pink flamingos at the Beer Garden of Bush Gardens, Tampa, Florida, as a child, (before they fenced them off from human interactions), reading Alice in Wonderland’s adventures, (she using one to pay croquet….yes, I played croquet on our lawn), and watching crafts and artists paint flamingos………It became a natural desire to paint my own flamingo.

My Pink Flamingo has wrapped it’s beautiful neck around my own neck and dangles ever so fashionable as I grew up by the ocean and always thought of myself as a blue mermaid……

I and my flamingo dare to stare at you with a fixed gaze inviting you into my fantasy world.

Unframed Heavy Duty Canvas 36″Hx24″Wx4″d. Mixed Media: Acrylic on fabric on canvas, paper, gold leaf, charcoal, graphite. If you are a local buyer, please contact me to decrease shipping/delivery cost. Buying this item does not relinquish the rights to the artist to reproduce prints of this artwork.


Available for sale on Etsy.

Coming to America!!


Remake of a Thrift Store Painting. I took the original painting and reworked the image to reflect our current politics and discussion of immigration, gun control and the Miss America pageants. I have a knack for painting our current events that sometimes are hard for people to discuss and converse about.

I reworked this extra tall distorted length woman by painting a crown on her head, (crowning of Miss or Ms. America) dot on her forehead,(Indian culture or a target dot from a rifle, enhanced her dress colors, put a gun in her arms, (in place of flowers for Ms. America Encore), American Flag draped over her arms and enhanced the background.

Coming to America makes a current political statement. Original artist (i am assuming a student’s name is left along with my signature).

Unframed. 20″l x 15″w. Convo me for shipping costs depending on location.


Available for sale on Etsy.


India Woman Thrift Store Original 2018

An Unquiet Mind

I have painted the thoughts of my own mind and experiences in life. As our lives often become divided and influenced by our experiences My Unquiet Mind is always thinking, discovering, analyzing, accepting and flowing! I am curious about myself and others.

The cycles of discoveries that I repeat are always concerning the purpose of our lives. This oil painting reflects my psyche: Closing my eyes to reflect thoughts in nature left upper corner: (ie: painting nose and face looks likes trees,) right upper corner: swimming/floating in the blue ocean freely allowing myself to soak up the forces of water and freedom, Left lower side: Always enjoying the freedom to dress and think for myself, I will not force the personal rights and decisions my voice or my vagina, (reproductive organs) to be silenced. (I was an early feminist of women’s right at the age of 13 with my grandmothers in Tampa, Florida). Lower Middle as I have traveled many parts of the world with Pan American World Airways as a flight attendant, I have experience many different culture, customs and religions, the fabric ribbons lower right represents the ribbons of life and my talent for sewing and embroidery, taught by my grandmothers. The red Cardinal in the middle is the symbol of Florida and has a special positive meaning for meaning for me and my family. It always represents positive change, growth, freedom to choose your life.

I hope you enjoy the discovery of my painting as much I enjoy sharing it with you.

Oil on Canvas, unframed. Contact me for shipping costs/display.

Available for sale on Etsy.

Girl with Message/SOLD

Girl with Message VCC Lobby

Girl With A Messageā€, Framed Mixed Media Art: acrylic, graphite, paper, oil pastel, gold leaf, was auctioned to the lucky attendees and benefactors at Oceanside Museum Ball. It was also shown at the Vista Chamber of Commerce 2017: Shades of Red.

This artwork reflects the many messages that girls and women wear on their sleeves. Often times their hopes, goals, desires and daily struggles are tattooed on their bodies demanding our attention. Sometimes we are reluctant to read their messages and engage for the fear of self discovery. Red is a powerful color that demands attention and requires strength to hold it. My girl is NOT going away.

My hidden message is: ????????