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Wicked, Wicked Woman

Celebrating the Wizard of Oz for the 2019 San Diego County Fair. I paid homage to the Wicked Witch of ...
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Poppies Forever

Celebrating the Wizard of Oz for the 2019 San Diego County Fair. I paid homage to the field of poppies ...
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Teal Gardens Full Apron for Website

Teal Gardens – Won Donated Award American Sewing Guild 2016! 1st Place Sewing Award San Diego Fair 2016!

I made this artistic apron using blue stretch cotton fabric, assortment of vintage and modern lace, vintagedoilies for pockets, intricatly ...
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Red Eyelet Apron front

Mother of All Aprons – Featured in Apron.olgy 2014, San Diego Fair 3rd Place 2014

I found this expensive eyelet material at a local sewing store and knew I had to have it. I realized ...
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Heritage Apron Pillow pockets

Retro Insipired Heritage Apron-Featured in Green Craft Magazine 2017, 3rd Place Recyled Sewing 2017

Made from a recycled king sized pillow case, I made enough pockets to take the kitchen sink with you to ...
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Blue ocean swirls apron

Blue Ocean Swirls- Featured in Apronology 2014, San Diego Fair 2nd Place ,2013

I was interviewed for a story in Apron.ology by a contributing editor; Danielle Mohler. I noted that one of my ...
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front house dress

Ms. Dior’s Retro House Apron -featured in Apron.ology 2014, 3rd Place sewing San Diego Fair 2014

I created this reversible house dress in memories of my grandmothers who taught me how to sew. They often donned ...
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Polka Dots and Teal

Polka Dots and Teal- Cover of Apron.ology 2013, 3rd Place Sewing San Diego Fair 2012

Cover Girl of Apron.ology 2013!!!!! What a surprise to find out that I am not only the COVER GIRL of ...
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A Southern Belle front

Southern Bell -Featured in Apronology Magazine 2014, 2nd place San Diego Fair 2014

My inspiration came from the Antebellum period when women wore hop skirs, corsets, pantalets, gloves and wide-brimmed hats. Growing up ...
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Sweet Daisy Bubble Gum

Sweet Daisy Dots- Featured in Apron.ology 2014, 2nd Place Sewing San Diego Fair 2013, Tri City Fashion Show 2014

This vintage styled apron was inspired by my youthful memories of "The Big Circus". The various big drink and lemondae ...
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Flowers of the Family Full 2- Featured in Somerset Home 2015, Honorable Mention San Diego Fair, 2015

Using the polka dotted red fabric to make this full apron, I switched out the blue polka dots in the ...
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Sassy Polka Red front

Fiori Della Famiglia: Flowers of the Family-Featured Somerset Home 2015

Seer suckered Polk dot red material combined with a soft blue red flower waist. Each layer Bias taped is stitched ...
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Flowers of the Family Full 1, Featured in Somerset Home 2015, Honorable Mention San Diego Fair 2015

Part of the Fiori Della Famiglia Flowers of the Family Aprons Sold!!! ...
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Blue Pansies SOLD copy

The Sweet Song of Bluebells – Featured in Sommerset Home 2016

Featured in Sommerset Home Autumn 2016, Stampington Magazines, pg 82-84 Sold!!! ...
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