The Plate of Temptation

All the females in this painting can relate to each other through the ways they display their silent power of persuasion to advance to the task of the goal. Indian Princess during the Ottoman era forced to use her position and seduction to save slave women who used their sexuality. Catherine Parr on my Florentine Plate, survived Henry VIII as she got him to change the heir of the ruling royalty to young Queen Elizabeth, her step-daughter, and brought Protestant religion to the court. Painting of Myself, photographed by Penny Rogo, in my early 20s addressing my sexuality, femininity, strength and self power to address issues through art and activism.

As eloquently stated by Kathy: “The Seductress in the dominant position…center the calm silent power of Catherine Parr (looking upward) while catching the modern woman in the process of rotating through history…addressing issues through art and activism. Or hang it in a diamond shape.”

2nd Place – MiraCosta College, Kruglak Gallery, May 2018.

Unframed 36″ x 36″ x 2″ Oil on Canvas. Contact me for shipping costs/display.

Available for sale on Etsy.

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