Sweet Song of Bluebells


Featured in Sommerset Home Autumn 2016, Stampington Magazines, pg 82-84





Red Dragonfly Gala Dress

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My Red Dragonfly Gala Dress is currently published in, Belle Amoire, Summer 2012, Page 46. 

Please visit my etsy site to purchase a signed copy with an artistic Visions

of Venus, Book mark!! 

Sassy Couture Aprons featured in Apron.ology Magazine 2012

My Sassy Ladies are at it again!  Every Apron that Doris models seems to be featured in Belle Amoire Apron.ology, published by Stampington Press.  You may purchase a signed copy from my Etsy site!Check out my Democrat and Republican Aprons…..I am sure you will smile!

BELLE AMOIRE Summer 2011

         What a Surprise!!! I am published in the Creme de la Creme of Magazines “BELLE AMOIRE  Creating Artistic clothing & Accessories on Page 147 along with Ruth Rae’s Charming Bracelets!!!!!  I am so honored not only to be included in this magazine but to be pictured among one of the best artists, Ruth Rae!! Her jewelry was featured  on the cover of Belle Amoire Jewelry, Fall   2010....THIS IS MAGICAL!!!

I embroidered these velvet dresses to wear to Musical, Wine and Gala events.  When I was a young teen growing up in Florida, my family could not afford to buy me alot of fashionable clothes.  Even at a young age I was drawn to color, luxurious fabric, ribbons, silk flowers and unique clothing.  While enjoying my grandmothers company, in Tampa, Florida,  whose artistic  home she opened up and rented out rooms to other elderly ladies, I often received the pleasure of various artistic instruction.  One of my and the ladies favorites was teaching me embroidering, tatting, crewel, knitting and fabric application.  Of course, I embellished my jeans, my jackets, shirts, aprons, hats and anything I could get my fingers on….  I must say thank you to my grandmother: Katharine Stowell and my mother: Katharine Weekly for allowing me to explore and flourish. 

These dresses are a Thank you to both of them… with love and honor……Trish

Visions of Strength Jewelry featured in Belle Armoire Magazine, Stampington Press.

I Was Published in Belle Armoire Jewelry!!

Exciting news:  On sale now is Belle Amoire Magazine which features my Sterling Silver Art Work.  My necklace was hand forged from sheet silver and silver wire creating the hand made chain links and the V shaped center piece.  Malachite stone was set in the center.  I have always been  attracted the journey of the goddess and women.  Thus I read Marija Gimbutas’, “The Language of the Goddess”, which inspired this piece. Note the language of this special piece.

The Angel Pin has a opal stone, the Cooper Heart Pin is soldered to my style of fold forming and the malachite star earrings compliment the Visions of Strength necklace.  The silver earrings are crowned with a white cultured pearl.

My step daughter, Jaime Vernazza Peterson is modeling Visions of Strength Necklace and Earrings.  She is so beautiful and makes my necklace more special!