Coming to America!!


Found this painting in a thrift store.  Minimal alteration to change meaning of image.  I added Ms. America Crown, gave her a rifle in lieu of flowers, draped American Flag and put a red dot on her forehead.  Indicating various meanings:  sniper shot/bullseye, target the immigrants,  India married female women, third eye knowing chakra.




Flower Girl in a Bathing Suit Cap



I found this thrift store painting of a vase full of flowers.











Before (original photo)

Flocking with my Flamingo


Mixed Media Painting:  Acrylic, Oil Pastel, Graphite, Gold Leaf, Handmade paper, charcoal, 36Lx24W 

Sale:  $500.00

Inspired by growing up in Tampa, Florida, visiting Bush Gardens.  As a child my dad would often take me to the beer garden where the pink flamingos roamed freely.  I would be playing and chasing these beautiful birds as my dad smiled and drank his bush and Pabst blue ribbon beer. Had no idea at the time that you were not to be flocking with the birds as there were no fences in the 70’s.

Ready to Immigrate

Ready to Immigrate is Displayed at Artist Alliance at the Museum 2017, Oceanside Museum of Art, Oceanside March 4-August 28, 2017.


Trish Vernazza was born and raised in Tampa, Florida, the Sunshine State, which made her an original “Tampon”. As a young teen she experienced racial divide, desegregation and women still not having Equal rights, as it was not ratified in Florida until 1982. In 1971 Trish was bused to a black and ethnic neighborhood for Junior High.  This school bordered on the edge of Ybor City, the home of the Cuban Cigar, Café Con Leche and Cuban sandwiches and ethnic clothing shops, (where she got her taste for unusual fashion) She of course was one of the few white, blonde, blue eyed students and often spent her early youth dancing at El Goya with the Drag Queens, while staring at an original Goya painting.  She met some of her best Cuban and Black friends taking stands against the establishment, when it did not allow those of “color” to drink from water fountains or have schoolbooks.   Trish gave all her books to her Cuban girlfriend, knowing she was smarter than herself but couldn’t understand the limiting of educational opportunities just because you were different.

At such a young age, being confronted with Equal Rights for Women along with rights for people of color, Trish, unconsciously at the time, became an art activist.

The concept for “Ready for Immigration” came at the death of Castro, November 25, 2016, in which childhood memories flooded her imagination of the struggles her friends had experienced.  Though without their displacement and opportunity to come to America, (freedom flights and make shift boats) they might not have been life long friends.

Trish played soccer on a Women’s International Team, and was lucky enough to befriend a Jamaican female teammate, leading to her visiting Kingston, Jamaica in 1980.   This was the time that the Prime Michael Manley, came into power.  Trish was out exploring the underground of Kingston with Jamaican workers, when riots broke out, rocks thrown and individuals murdered.  Trish hid under the driver’s wheel of the open jeep with other Jamaicans covering her body as they raced back to the home they were staying.  She had stories for days; especially since Bob Marley’s home was adjourning the home she was staying.

She has also traveled the World as a former Pan American Flight Attendant soaking up culture, religion, history and experiences.   She took this opportunity to travel to areas where most people would not think of visiting.  In July 1990, she experienced the attempted overthrow of the government of Trinidad and Tobago, being in lockdown for a week at the Trinidad Hilton, in which the government set up an emergency office.  Of course, Trish, fellow flight attendants and a daring Pilot would watch the meetings while guards have their guns drawn on everyone.  They visited the locals at their restaurants and markets once the restrictions were lifted to go outside.   This event imprinted her memory.

She also experienced the influx of the Haitians drowning and loosing their lives in their attempts to come to Florida, in make shift boats, to start a new life.

Upon moving to Southern California, practicing as a Psychotherapist, Art Therapist and Artist, Trish has experienced the controversial issues of Mexicans crossing the border again addressing racism and immigration.  Trish has been a volunteer/member, with over 10 years of service, with North County African American Women’s Organization (raising scholarships for women to continue their education and obtain housing).  As one of the few white women in this group, Trish knows first hand the meaning of privilege.

“Ready for Immigration” was birthed out of her political awareness, experiences and lifelong friendships.

Trump Towers

Displayed at the “Nasty Women” Exhibition, Helmuth Project Art Gallery, San Diego, January 2017

Trump Towers, Oil on Canvas. Note the Pink Pussy Bow Blouse that Melania Trump wore at one of the debates with the Trump Ladies all in Pussy Bows! At the Bottom is Margaret Thatcher, 1st Female British Prime Minister who embodied the Pussy Bow. It became a softening iconic image of strong, educated, political, business women when wearing their business suites to include                                                                                                                       their own style of femininity.

Trish Vernazza was born and raised in Tampa, Florida, the Sunshine State, which made her an original “Tampon”. As a young Feminist teen she stood on street corners holding ERA, Equal Rights Amendment signs with her Grey Panther Grandmothers.   It was passed in 1972 but not ratified in Florida until 1982.  This spurred her journey of social and political art activist. Her grandmothers taught her to sew and create while she listened to wise elders stories. After traveling the World, Pan American Flight attendant, soaking up culture with life changing experiences, she now listens for a living helping others as a Psychotherapist, Artist Therapist, Artist.

I have always addressed politics with satire and humor.  I was raised in a house divided.  My mother was a staunch republican and my father liberal democrat.  Mom would make jello and cookies around election times using donkey and elephant molds.  We would laugh which parts got eaten first!

Trump Towers came out of Trump’s statement:  Grab them by the Pussy!  It was a gut response. I placed Donald in Melania’s pink pussy bow blouse, that she wore to the debates.  I painted “Ms America styled Models” walking in lines, maybe from Trump Towers with Pussy Bow blouses.  Margret Thatcher, is the last female image painted, who put Pussy Bow Blouses in the Fashion world, as she used them to softened her image, being known as the Iron Fist Lady.  Then, I painted the words: Here Kitty Kitty…..Grab them by the pussy.

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Mixed Media on Paper.