Flowers of Arrhythmia

Flowers of Arrhythmia

Height: 24 Inches; Width: 18 Inches

“Flowers of Arrhythmia” Chalk Pastel on toned paper by Trish Vernazza.

thoughts behind this piece: my husband, blues musician Johnny V Vernazza, had his own irregular heartbeat, pulling on his heart strings . His heart felt like it was skipping beats and dancing to a different tune. He need an ablation to correct this, thus his new heart was sprouting blooms, making new heart songs.

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Potrait of an Empress: Farah Pahlavi, The Empress of Iran

Farah Pahlavi Shah of Iran 3rd wife

I was inspired to create this portrait of the profoundly powerful and charitable Empress. Though her life was filled with difficulties, she also found the time to benefit other groups of people throughout her life. From the boy scouts to helping to start the first American-style university in Iran. An avid art collector, the Empress made sure to collect and showcase art from Iran.

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Whisper of Peonies II

Whisper of Peonies II oil on canvas. The soft loose style, the gentle peonies inspire and soothe reminiscent of tradition. Peonies represent happy marriages, romance, good fortune, honor and compassion. They are a flower rooted in myth and wonder.

These peonies would bring a sense of wonder to any home, decorating any smaller space or corner beautifully.

5″x7″ Oil on Canvas, unframed.

IMG_4189          IMG_4188

The Royal Couple Goes to Therapy


the royal couple diptych

Portraits of the Royal Couple on their way to therapy! The male, prone to putting his head in the sand and the female, displaying her bright plumage in response.

Currently in the 2018 Mirrors of the Mind show in Santa Monica, CA.

Diptych. Oil on canvas. 25″ x 30″ x 1 1/2″ cradled canvas. Unframed. Available for sale on Etsy. Also available in pillow form.

trish and johnny royal couple

It Was a Short Fall

“It was a short fall” original mixed media & graphite pencil painting on paper by Trish Vernazza.

This is my emotional reaction to women who suffer at the abuse of others. Homage to the life of Ana Mendieta (who I drew in my feminist portrait series ). Also my thoughts of the Handmaids Tale book by Margaret Atwood and the series on Hulu. The Unwomen. Whose lives were to be meaningless.

I depict these women as falling from a broken window holding onto the dark broken vase with a thorny rose tossed aside. Their hands leave the marks of their past life.

The image measures 18x24and is printed on acid-free archival quality smooth stock. My original is signed and dated on back and shipped flat. Framed $250. Sales of artwork do not transfer copyrights.

Will be exhibited for Twists & Turns at the Brooks Theatre Gallery from 9/12/18 – 10/30/18, 8 performances of DEATHTRAP, October’s First Friday Art Walk at the Brooks Theatre Gallery, Oceanside Theatre Company’s Gala Event.

Twitter Reflections


In response to Donald Trump’s tweeting. 36″x24″ Oil on cradled canvas.


Wrong Direction


Wrong Direction depicts the emotional stress when torn between two options.

Mixed Media. Acrylic, Oil Pastels, Ink, Gesso on paper. 18wx24h

Listed as unframed, if you would like a frame contact me and we can discuss shipping costs.

Will be exhibited for Twists & Turns at the Brooks Theatre Gallery from 9/12/18 – 10/30/18, 8 performances of DEATHTRAP, October’s First Friday Art Walk at the Brooks Theatre Gallery, Oceanside Theatre Company’s Gala Event.

Congo Boy

Congo Boy vista

Congo Boy, Oil on Canvas. My community involvement with raising funds for women and children of color in need stays in the forefront of my thoughts. I saw the image of a starving Congo Boy, photo by Annie Liebovitz in National Geographic. I was in awe of the story line of despite the struggles and famine in this country the people’s and their children will to live and look towards the future was definitive light in their souls. The image caused me to paint feverishly to capture they brightness of this young man despite his starving appearance and circumstances.

Artwork has been featured at Red Exhibition at Oceanside Theater 2018 for Rothko’s Red Play, Artist Alliance Membership show, Vista Chamber of Commerce, Shades of Red, 2017, Mira Costa College Magazine: Tide Pools, 2017.

Unframed Heavy Duty Canvas 36×48. If you are a local buyer, please contact me to decrease shipping/delivery cost. Available for note cards, sold separately. Buying this item does not relinquish the rights to the artist to reproduce prints of this artwork.



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Half of sale goes to the North County African American Women’s Association.

NCAAWA 2017 B:W Mira Costa5bfde0a5c7e7c26f136e847b_trish vernazza

Pan Am Flag


Pan American Flag

A tribute to Pan American World Airways (10/19/27 – 12/4/91), signed by my fellow flight attendants and the pilots. As an international flight attendant, I was based out of JFK and flew mostly Europe and South America until they ceased operations. As I knew the time was coming to an end, on my days off, I created the flag and kept it at the Flagship Terminal/JFK quarters. As people checked in for their flights, they began to sign the flag knowing it would soon be a memory.

In an era dominated by flag carriers that were wholly or majority government-owned, it was also the unofficial overseas flag carrier of the United States.

It was an honor to be an international flight attendant for PanAm as it was such an historical classic airline and my fellow crew-members came from such diverse cultural backgrounds. When I wasn’t working, I was hopping flights with my friends and always exploring museums, historical landmarks, churches, bookstores, and making friends all over the world. I was thirsty for culture.

24 x 30 Watercolor and ink on watercolor paper.

Big Boys Don’t Need Viagra

Uncle Louie

Buy a ticket to the carnival! See Uncle Louie and Big Boy as they stand upon the Viagra magic box. You won’t see them taking the mysterious pill but you will see the results: Rocket Man! Twice as big, twice as good! They’re not serving hamburgers on these buns. Watch the boys pump and flex their muscles!

Oil on canvas. 24″ x 30″ x 1 1/2″ cradled canvas. Unframed.

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