Night Blooms

Night Blooms

Inspired by the midnight hour and the ethereal and lingering feelings from the day when some flowers go to sleep and others come alive. This was painted in the early evening, just as the moon came out, illuminating the world in a ghostly light.

IMG_3912   IMG_2759

I like your paining, because I can see the Artist hand has made the brushstrokes. I have seen Rubins and Rembrandts you don’t notice the brushstrokes but you do feel the passion of them. like music it comes from the hands. That’s why van Gogh has always been one of my favorites. The brushstrokes is the artist signature.

-Mike Henderson


Available for sale.

Blood Oranges



Inspired by the energy and the passion of summer’s heat and the emotions that rise from this heat.  But remember, the fruits of our passion sometimes leads to mystery.



IMG_2738                          IMG_2739


Acrylic and mixed media on cradled canvas 30″w x 24h”



Available for sale.


Thinking On Easeal

It started as an instructional exercise and evolved into a person psychological portrait. This piece represents the inner depths of the human psyche.

Thinking upclose

Mixed media on 16″ x 24″ paper.


Thankful was made in response to the current Girls mentor program. Due to Covid-19, the usual fundraising events have been cancelled. Donations that would have normally gone to help programs like the mentorship program have been lacking.

“Thankful” Acrylic on Gessoed Heavy Arches paper 15”Wx22”H. 50 percent of sale goes to North County African American Women’s Association. Free Shipping. Minimum bid/cost $50.00.

Also available for sale on Etsy.

A Dramatic Romance/SOLD

My inspiration came from wanting to create a romantic painting since I knew that you were interested in purchasing one. The dripping flower blooms reminded me of a fantasy waterfall coupled with the woman looking toward the horizon creates a romantic vision and hope for the future.

Dragonfly Loose flowers Blue Butterfly and Flowers Blue Blooms


Morning Ritual

Brushstrokes of Flowers

“My Morning Ritual ” original oil. Every morning I sit on my art chair in my personal garden, observing nature. Often times I do this in the early evening. It is my meditation ritual. Thus my painting has beautiful hues of blue with a hint of light focused on another imaginary view.

Morning Chair Closeup
Impasto style of painting with quick brush strokes as I make my flowers larger than our lives.

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Midnight Bloom/SOLD



Midnight Bloom, Small Acrylic. While working on my commissioned Romantic Painting, I had to mix colors and created this hauntingly beautiful small painting. Feels like Love!


Farm House Clock

Unique Art Clock.
One of a kind custom art clock made to bring a bright energy and vibrancy to your home. Silver body with a glass face cover and hand drawn and colored face. Antique farm house style.

Available for sale on Etsy.

Handmade Flowers


Custom Handmade Paper Flower. Handcrafted with paper and wire stem. Each item is unique! Decorate your home with these unique paper flowers. They look great in any vase and are perfect for party decorations or just a splash of color in your home.

Listing is for three (3) flowers per order.

The items that you see in the pictures are examples of the product that you could receive. Please allow for time to create product.


Available for sale on Etsy.

Art Clocks

Nates Clock

Custom Art Clock. 9 1/2″ wall clock, hand colored with alcohol markers. Each item is unique! Watch the time fly by.

The items that you see in the pictures are examples of the product that you could receive. Please allow for time to create product.


Available for sale on Etsy.